Version 10 – Better Backup! Faster. Stronger. Smarter.

Danny Allan, VP of Product Strategy- Veeam

Organisations large and small have many differences, but one thing that doesn’t differ is that data is at the heart of their businesses. Protecting that data and ensuring that it’s both secure and available when needed is a common goal. Whether it’s to back up a few files, some Virtual Machines or for a full-scale environment spanning cloud, virtual and physical workloads, you expect your backup solution to work and to scale to meet your largest, most complex environment scenarios, regardless of location, workload or application. Veeam is honoured to be the trusted partner for more than 375,000 companies around the world for protecting their most precious asset. 

Being prepared for what’s next, and where your ever-changing IT environment takes you is what Veeam strives to do. We’re constantly seeking ways to innovate and improve your experience and have pioneered many novel and unique capabilities that improve your data protection experience when and where you need it the most. We’ve built our reputation based on our maniacal focus around ensuring our solutions are simple, flexible, reliable, and just work for modern environments of all sizes.  

Today, we’re ushering in the next generation of backup for what’s next, including data protection capabilities that increase availability, portability, and extensibility for your data with NEW Veeam Availability Suite v10. Version 10 packs in over 150 new capabilities and improvements that will enable you to backup and recover your critical workloads, whether cloud, virtual or physical, regardless of location. 

Veeam Availability Suite v10 hosts several key features including:

  • Modernized file data protection for NAS
  • 100% bulletproof ransomware protection
  • Next-generation Instant Recovery Engine 
  • Greater platform extensibility
  • Data Reuse through new APIs
  • and numerous enhancements that broaden the Veeam Ecosystem

With these latest updates, Veeam continues to extend its lead in the data protection market. We continue to focus on delivering innovation that still meets our principles of delivering solutions that are simple, flexible and reliable, so you can meet your business needs, make smarter, more informed decisions, and not have to spend time and resources on ensuring your backup solution is keeping up with your business needs. And with the recent simplifications to our portable Veeam Universal License, we ensure you can protect your workloads more effectively than ever, regardless of location.

2020 is starting off with a bang, and there are many more innovations to come that will continue to deliver availability and data protection for environments of all sizes. Watch the live announcement to learn more about how Veeam helps you to achieve your data protection needs, at scale, better than ever!

Veeam will be in attendance at our CIO Event at Said Business School, Oxford University on Thursday 26th March 2020. To learn more about all our upcoming events, click here.

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