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CIO Institute: United Kingdom

7th - 11th September 2020

09:00 BST



Debbie Forster

CEO - Tech Talent Charter


David Germain

Group CIO - RSA Group


John Gibbs



Christy Peel

Respected Global Cyber Security Leader


Sanjay Patel

CIO - Tate & Lyle


Christel Cao-Delabarre

Global Privacy Officer - CWT


Rachel Jones



Adrian Bower

Global CPO - GVC Group


Rick Farrow



Alan Patefield-Smith

CIO - Admiral

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The CIO Institute is a platform bringing together leading CIO’s over the space of 5 days, giving the opportunity to be part of the discussions that are shaping the future. Driven by our senior level Advisory Board including representatives from IAG, Henley Business School, FedEx and HSBC, The CIO Institute gives insights to develop and execute winning strategies. Benefit from inspirational talks by leading and visionary speakers, interactive boardroom discussions and lively panel debates. With best in class solutions to help meet top priorities and peer to peer networking to explore common challenges and projects, the CIO Institute - United Kingdom is one that shouldn’t be missed.

Day 1

09.00 - 10.00 Opening Panel Discussion: The Future of Business: How will the COVID-19 outbreak change the way we work post pandemic

Coronavirus will change the way the world does business for good, going back to business as usual is not an option. Making sure that we are geared up for the changes of the future is essential in order to succed.

Hear our all star panel predictions on the workforce, the digital landscape and the future of big tech, and what they are putting in place to thrive and drive the organisation forward.

Boardroom: When it Rains it Pours, But Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Their have been extreme challenges facing CIOs as remote working soars. Accessibility is just one of the reasons why many businesses are headed for the clouds in response to the global crisis.

Join this intimate digital boardroom as we dive into reactions of the our CIO Community and 5 ways to utilise the cloud and keep your organisation going amidst a pandemic

Keynote: Legacy is now a major problem as remote working becomes the norm

As more and more employees are forced to work remotely following the COVID-19 outbreak, the amount of legacy systems within organisations is likely to remain or increase.

Learn how to successfully control the potential growth and keep your employees heading towards digital transformation.

Keynote/Boardroom: Cybersecurity Should be at the Top of Every CIO's Agenda - What are the Issues and Challenges!

Many businesses are not sufficiently taking into account the emerging threats that are out there and rely only on “classic” tools, like firewalls and antivirus. The challenges we face are widespread ranging from general awareness, retaining skills, AI becoming a reality and used by hackers, the dark web and blockchain. As everything is turning digital, this is not just a problem for the security officer, it is now a problem for the global business!

Day 2

1-1 Meetings

Panel Discussion: Doing More for Less: Managing Budget Cuts for 2020 and Beyond

Now more than ever CIO's need to be creative with the tools and budgets they have been given, looking at novel ways to use the resources that they have.

This panel discussion will look at how 3 CIO's have skilfully cut IT costs but have also helped to position the company for recovery and future growth.

Day 3

Digital Boardroom: Developing a Contigency Plan for a Post-Pandemic World

It is imperative to evaluate and develop a long-term approach to ensure an existing or enhanced business continuity plan delivers the resilience required to see the organization through whatever the pandemic response may demand

Keynote/Boardroom: Transforming Communication in times of uncertainty – How do we remain viable in a world that is constantly changing

From the telegram, to the telephone, email, to video conferencing, the way businesses communicate with each other is always changing and evolving.

Now in the time of great uncertainty no one expected, what new advances can organisations utilise in order to remain relevant and stay in touch?

Boardroom/Keynote: Robotics: The Digital Workforce

What opportunities does the Virtual Workforce present, and why are organisations choosing them to facilitate better service, faster growth and to react more quickly to market opportunities? Hear how RPA can increase both the job satisfaction of human workers and transform the way that enterprises and global service providers deliver value.

Boardroom/Keynote: Digital Transformation is the Answer. What was the Question?

Many organisations have joined the digital transformation revolution, and many are still battling to deliver against the promise from the industry and to meet the needs of their business. Business leaders often see digital transformation as the answer to their prayers for increased revenues and reduced costs, but they often don’t fully appreciate the implications of their demands.

How do CIOs create the time and space to make the changes necessary to keep pace in a modern world, develop the skills they need in their operation and create teams who can think creatively yet deliver effectively. It’s time to pause and take a look at what we are doing, why we are doing it and think about how perhaps, with some small changes, we can do it better.

Day 4

Keynote: Organisational Leadership: IT's Evolution

As IT’s role expands beyond value preservation to revenue growth, CIOs are striving to balance critical business and IT operational tasks with innovative infrastructure and applications that enable disruptive new business models, generating top-line value and driving competitive advantage. With the extraordinary pace of technological change, it’s critical for CIOs to move quickly, with direct and unwavering support at all levels of the organisation.

Keynote/Boardroom: Maintaining Data Security in a world thats working from home

As employees are being encouraged to work from home, this causes a lot of risk for organisations as sensitive data is long longer confined to the walls of the organisation’s security measures.

Therefore it is imperative that employees know how to protect this information for the sake of themselves and their company.

Boardroom: Leading the Digital/IT Function in Increasingly Uncertain Times

The recent pandemic has disrupted lives and businesses around the world. In the midst of uncertainty, CIO's have become invaluable to business continuity. With the IT Function under strain, the CIO needs to emerge as a clear leader and be the champion of the customer experience for both customers and employees.

Boardroom: Transitioning to a role at the top table (management committee) – the first 90 days

​Leadership transitions for new CIOs have many challenges, the shift in the role of technology operations to strategic business leader can be tough. This session will look at three key dimensions and how they are crucial for a successful transition


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