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CIO Digital Festival - Germany

7th - 10th July 2020

09:00 CET




Wolfgang Bitomsky




After receiving a Phd in Biochemistry focusing on computer simulation. 

1999 started at T-Mobile in Austria; holding several management position on national and international

2009 - 2012 Deloitte as CTO in Austria, member of the European CIO board

2012 – 2019 Joined A1, biggest fixed and mobile operator in Austria, managing the IP migration of the fixed network in Austria, joined the newly founded division for ICT outsourcing customers; being responsible for the all operational aspects (service desk, service management, on-site services) for biggest business customers in Austria

2019 – joined FCC as Group CIO for CEE region, 8 countries, more than 4000 employees


Sinanudin Omerhodzic


Paul Hartmann AG


Born in Berlin. Graduate IT on Technical University of Berlin. Experienced Technology Leader in setup of corporate digital technology innovation teams with the entrepreneur mindset (“act as a growth accelerator by proactively utilize modern technologies to implement new business models) for different industries such as healthcare, automotive, airspace and industry.


Cristian Paun

Business CIO EMEA



Cristian is a passionate Senior Executive from the Chemical/Insurance/FMCG/Banking/Telecommunications industry. He has focused on the connection between IT and successful business outcomes, both with bringing topline growth as well as cost reduction programs. He brought a significant record in delivery technologies like RPA, AI, IoT to solve real business problems. Lead globally M&A, integration and separation programs. He crafted procurement and vendor strategy that allowed to achieve multi-million EUR savings.


Esteban Remecz


Iochpe-Maxion, S. A.

Esteban is the Global CIO for IOCHPE MAXION a global leader in Automotive Structural components and the World Largest Manufacturer of Steel and Aluminum Wheels.

Esteban is also a founding member of the China CIO Alliance he is also currently standing as CCAs Chairman for the 2017/2018 cycle after successfully holding the 2016 CCAs VP for Partnerships.

The CCA focuses in the exchange of best practices and engaging with Government Technology and Education Industry leaders to collaborate in the definition of the future IT road-map of Multinational Companies in China and Chinese Companies opportunities in the world.  


Loly Alejandro Gonzalez


Procter & Gamble

Regional IT/ CIO and Services leader for South Europe.

Global Leader for IT, Global Services & Solutions and teams; Driving Digital Marketing Transformation, Business Analytics & Algorithms, Reporting & Information Services, Employee services and Customer B2B Capabilities ; Leading IT services and portfolitio to dramatic contribute with Business Revenue Growth- top and bottom line, superior user experience, cost savings and productivity; Managing Global and Regional Outsourced Shared Services Relationship.  

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André Christ

CEO and Co-founder


André’s passion lies in enabling organizations and their employees to build better products by moving to a modern IT architecture. Before André co-founded LeanIX, a Software-as-a-Service vendor for Enterprise Architecture and Application Portfolio Management, he gained extensive experience as a Management Consultant at the world’s largest logistics company. In this role, he advised CIOs and IT leaders on strategic topics at the interface of business and IT. Projects included the execution of a global IT complexity reduction program and the definition of an IT service and cost charging model for their world-wide data centers. He is a global thought leader and has spoken at several high-influence industry events including Gartner’s EA Summit, Hamburger IT Strategy Days and TBM Conference.


Mihai Bonca

Senior Consultant

Brand Architects

Mihai Bonca is a Senior Consultant at Brand Architects. He has an extensive experience involving brand repositioning and renovations. The local and international brands lead by Mihai repeatedly achieved market leadership, while he received more than 25 industry awards for marketing contribution.

He helps Boards and CEOs of local and multinational organizations redefining strategies, transforming brands and marketing approach, building roadmaps. In the past, Mihai held Board Member positions and managed four countries as a Group Marketing Director. His expertise ranges from traditional FMCG to B2B and e-Commerce.


The Digital CIO Festival is a platform bringing together leading CIO’s over the space of 4 days, giving the opportunity to be part of the discussions that are shaping the future. Driven by our senior level Advisory Board including representatives from IAG, Henley Business School, FedEx and HSBC, The Digital CIO Festival gives insights to develop and execute winning strategies. Benefit from inspirational talks by leading and visionary speakers, interactive boardroom discussions and lively panel debates. With best in class solutions to help meet top priorities and peer to peer networking to explore common challenges and projects, the Digital CIO Festival is one that shouldn’t be missed.

Day 1

09:00 - 10:00: Enterprise Architecture in a VUCA World: From Collaborative to Actionable EA


André Christ, CEO and Co-Founder - LeanIX

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an extreme challenge for humanity. Organizations and their employees have been heavily impacted by lockdowns and the resulting economic downturn. It is now time for EA to take the lead and become more “actionable”, but how?

11:00 - 12:00: A realistic conversation about brining AI to enterprise environment

Pinar Dolen, EMEA Region CIO, Global Head of IT for Back Office, Business Intelligence and Innovation Services - Louis Dreyfus Company


Pinar Dolen, CIO EMEA Region and Global Head of IT for Back Office and Business Intelligence and Innovation will run a workshop around brining AI to enterprise environment. Common challenges around organizational readiness, attracting AI talent, integration to day to operations and data. What should be the role of IT for data science practices? How to leverage propriety data? How to build citizen data scientists community? How to build trust in AI capabilities across the organization? Interactive session for participants to share their experiences.

14:00 - 15:00: The European Video Solution

Robert Drost & Marcus Leib - StarLeaf


StarLeaf will ignite a conversation on a niche topic that is disruptive among all attendees. 8-12 members per round-table. A great interactive format to ask very specific questions and collaborate.

16:00 - 17:00: Digital Technologies are fundamentally changing the world – IT’s strategic change towards winning the game


Sinanudin Omerhodzic, CIO - Paul Hartmann AG


Sinanudin Omerhodzic, CIO of the HARTMANN GROUP, uses concrete examples to explain how easy-to-implement digital solutions can help to enhance the healthcare sector and make everyday life easier for both consumers and caregivers. From the platform for incontinence care in nursing homes, to the automation of ordering processes in the operating theater, to infection detection through artificial intelligence. Omerhodzic also addresses the following questions: How must the IT role change in this context? How does a company move from pure service to becoming a partner in product development? What obstacles stand in the way of such projects? How can they be avoided?

Day 2

09:00 - 10:00: Leading the Digital/IT Function in Increasingly Uncertain Times Topic

Esteban Remecz, CIO - Iochpe-Maxion, S. A.

The recent pandemic has disrupted lives and businesses around the world. In the midst of uncertainty, CIO's have become invaluable to business continuity. With the IT Function under strain, the CIO needs to emerge as a clear leader and be the champion of the customer experience for both customers and employees.

10:00 - 17:00: 1-1 Meetings

Day 3

09:00 - 10:00: The role of the CIO will never be same? How important is your brand?

Mihai Bonca, Senior Marketing Consultant and Clinical Lecturer - Brand Architects


The role of CIO evolves rapidly from technical contribution to a wider and more substantial business influence.

Our main goals in this masterclass are to help participants adopt the marketing perspective in their repertoire:

- Impact the brand architecture, both regarding rational benefits and emotional connections
- Discover the client, its profile and its main drivers of acquisition
- Enhance CIO personal brand profile in the organisation


11:00 - 12:00: Kickstart your EAM practice with LeanIX


Fynn Mackensen and Federal Alkan - LeanIX


At LeanIX boardroom session we will show you how to manage the most important EA use cases: From Application Portfolio Management, to Technology & Risk Management and Integration Architecture Management. Join us to get a live demonstration on how to navigate around LeanIX, the data model we are based on and its essential functions.

14:00 - 15:00: Doing More for Less: Managing Budget Cuts for 2020 and Beyond

Doing More for Less: Managing Budget Cuts for 2020 and Beyond

Now more than ever CIO's need to be creative with the tools and budgets they have been given, looking at novel ways to use the resources that they have.

This panel discussion will look at how 3 CIO's have skilfully cut IT costs but have also helped to position the company for recovery and future growth.

16:00 - 17:00: A (clearer) 20/20 Vision for Cyber Security

Christy Peel, Global Information Security Officer & Risk Manager - Novartis

Jeffrey Moore, Global Head of Cyber-Security - Novartis

Hindsight is 20/20 vision. At the beginning of the year we were boldly sharing our predictions for Cyber Security in 2020.

Join us six months later and see us analysing some of these initial predictions and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the world of cyber security.

Hindsight is 20/20 vision. At the beginning of the year we were boldly sharing our predictions for Cyber Security in 2020.

Join us six months later and see us analysing some of these initial predictions and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the world of cyber security.

Day 4

09.00 - 09.45: Business Design and Transformation: Today and Tomorrow


Cristian Paun, Business CIO EMEA - DuPont

How to Design smarter businesses: use cases Bank of America vs. Ant Financial,

Business Design – Connecting Business, Strategy & Design,

Business Transformation – How will The firm of the future look like?

Business Design: What is the right mindset?

How to design a smarter business and how to start the business design journey.

11.00 - 12.00: Leadership for the digital age


Wolfgang Bitomsky, CIO - FCC E CEE Group

Participative Management – new approach or already established?

Digital mindset – what is required?

Remote Leadership – leading remote workforce

13:00 - 14:00: Master Data Management - Sexy or not?

15.00 - 16.00: Technology Disruption, Beyond the Hype - Discover the latest innovation and the positive impact of Artificial Intelligence technology

Donald Kuk - President & CEO - Enterprise Transformation Excellence, CPC

Donald is leading the transformation of one of the five largest global Pharmaceutical Institutions through the development and deployment of Virtual A.I. Cognitive Automation which allows senior enterprise executives and area managers to automatically continuously optimise and observe the efficiency, quality and productivity of remote processes and sites on the hand held device using process automation and hands free data collection methods that include but are not limited to:

1) A.I. Robotic Process Automation (AIRPA)

2) A.I. Machine Vision (AIMV)

3) A.I. Radio Frequency Identification (AIRFID)

4) A.I. Speech Synthesis (AISS)

5) A.I. Enterprise Business Process and Automation Management (AIEBPAM)

Donald Kuk will present these journeys of enterprise automation success and bring the audience to a broad subject matter exposure to the enterprise transformational methods and technologies that deliver them. The outcomes are breathtaking!


16:00 - 17:00: Keynote - A (clearer) 20/20 Vision for Cyber Security

Christy Peel & Jeffrey Moore


Hindsight is 20/20 vision. At the beginning of the year we were boldly sharing our predictions for Cyber Security in 2020.

Join us six months later and see us analysing some of these initial predictions and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the world of cyber security.

17:30 - 18:45: Networking Event - Wine Tasting (limited spaces)

The best way to learn about wine is through discovery – the grapes, the regions and the winemakers – with a few core principles underneath.


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