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CIO Institute - France and Benelux

22nd - 25th September 2020

09:00 CET




Dan Toma

Innovation Thought Leader, Thinkers 50 2020 Radar List


Nouamane Cherkaoui

CIO FranFinance - Societe Generale


Cristian Paun

Business CIO EMEA - DuPont



Iliana Iankoulova

Data Engineering Tech Lead - Picnic

Miao SOng-2

Miao Song

Global Chief Information Officer & Global Vice President - Mars


Dimitar Nedev

Tech Lead - Picnic's Merchandising and Analytics Platform


The CIO Institute is a platform bringing together leading CIO’s over the space of 4 days, giving the opportunity to be part of the discussions that are shaping the future. Driven by our senior level Advisory Board including representatives from IAG, Henley Business School, FedEx and HSBC, The CIO Institute gives insights to develop and execute winning strategies. Benefit from inspirational talks by leading and visionary speakers, interactive boardroom discussions and lively panel debates. With best in class solutions to help meet top priorities and peer to peer networking to explore common challenges and projects, the CIO Institute - France and Benelux is one that shouldn’t be missed.

Day 1

09:00 - 10:00: The Future of Business: How will the COVID-19 outbreak change the way we work post pandemic

Coronavirus will change the way the world does business for good, going back to business as usual is not an option. Making sure that we are geared up for the changes of the future is essential in order to succeed.

Hear predictions on the workforce, the digital landscape and the future of big tech, and what they are putting in place to thrive and drive the organisation forward.

11:00 - 12:00: The future of service is digital - what about you?

Understanding our customers has never been more important. Therefore, in an increasingly connected society, the need to distinguish multiple digital identities to meet customers' needs is fundamental for businesses. An effective omni-digital strategy is an integral part of this, helping companies deliver the best customer experience possible. 

On top of that, chatbots are one of the hottest topics in the technology world today. We read and hear a lot about it, including some misconceptions. Like any new technology, chatbots arouse hopes and fears. Now that companies are integrating it in their strategies, we can better understand how it is beneficial for both companies and customers. 

Key Points: 
Connect with your customers where they expect you to be 
Omnidigital strategy
What the customers want

Chatbots are being integrated more and more in digital strategies
Why chatbots can be a real asset 
Feedback from the field 
Machine and Human collaboration   

14:00 - 15:00: StarLeaf - THE European Video Solution

StarLeaf will ignite a conversation on a niche topic that is disruptive among all attendees. 8-12 members per round-table. A great interactive format to ask very specific questions and collaborate.

16:00 - 17:00: Faking it: Combatting email impersonation with AI

Today, 94% of cyber-threats still originate in the inbox. ‘Impersonation attacks’ are on the rise, as artificial intelligence is increasingly being used to automatically generate spear-phishing emails, or ‘digital fakes’, that expertly mimic the writing style of trusted contacts and colleagues. Humans can no longer distinguish real from fake on their own – businesses are increasingly turning to AI to distinguish friend from foe and fight back with autonomous response. In an era when thousands of documents can be encrypted in minutes, ‘immune system’ technology takes action in seconds – stopping cyber-threats before damage is done. Find out how in this session.

Day 2

1-1 Meetings

09:00 - 10:00: Leading the Digital/IT Function in Increasingly Uncertain Times

The recent pandemic has disrupted lives and businesses around the world. In the midst of uncertainty, CIO's have become invaluable to business continuity. With the IT Function under strain, the CIO needs to emerge as a clear leader and be the champion of the customer experience for both customers and employees.

Day 3

09:00 - 10:00: Data warehousing and analytics at Picnic: Powering decisions for sustainable online grocery shopping

Iliana Iankoulova, Data Engineering Tech Lead at Picnic
Dimitar Nedev, Tech Lead for Picnic's Merchandising and Analytics Platform

11:00 - 12:00: Addressing the Skills Gap - Reskilling and Upskilling

In the digital age, technology teams are only as successful as their skills are relevant. Companies are under pressure to become more agile, protect against rising security threats, and continuously deliver innovations to the market. This begs the question - how do you keep up with the constant pace of change in technology?

Join Evanna Kearins, SVP Marketing EMEA at Pluralsight to hear how leaders must see technology skills as a strategic and essential part of successful digital transformation, as well as how they can gain the clarity they need to lead, and the skills they need to move faster.

14:00 - 15:00: How your organisation can stay compliant and secure while working from home

As we all deal with the uncertainties around COVID-19, we hope that business leaders remain rational, help avoid large-scale economic impacts and create a secure and productive environment to keep their organizations productive.

Day 4

09:00 - 10:00: Business Design and Transformation: Today and Tomorrow

How to Design smarter businesses: use cases Traditional banks vs New Business Models

  • Business Design – Connecting Business, Strategy & Design
  • Business Transformation – How will The firm of the future look like?
  • Business Design: What is the right mindset?

How to design a smarter business and how to start the business design journey.       

11:00 - 12:00 : Define the next: How to deconstruct and reconstruct your business for the post-Covid era

One thing is for sure: things will not be the same post COVID. But how exactly does your business need to transform? How can you become more digital? Adjust to new customer behavior? Support the new mode of working? In this presentation, we will look at:

How organizations can best adapt to new customer journeys
How to change the operating model at speed and scale
Which capabilities to develop and technologies to use to best support the changes ahead    

15:00 - 16:00: Innovation & Ethics - the way forward for all enterprises

Innovation is embedded in the human spirit. And as such is a natural answer most organizations have when they have to grow. However the world we live in is getting exponentially more complex and ideas that look good on paper might have unforeseeable side effects when implemented in the real world. Therefore creating a culture of ethical innovation is becoming paramount in the decodes to come - especially in the light of the new societal shifts. When we start building for the future, we need to look at what we are building and ask ourselves if that’s the world we want us and our children to live in before making those investment decisions.

17:30 - 18:45: Networking Event - Wine Tasting (limited spaces)

The best way to learn about wine is through discovery – the grapes, the regions and the winemakers – with a few core principles underneath


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