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Pyramid Analytics | Aligning Your Analytics Strategy and Company Culture

As business leaders scale their analytics investments, they rarely recognise the ROI of analytics is intimately tied to company culture.

RingCentral | The Definitive Guide to Hybrid Working: What it is & Why Your Business Should Adopt it

Over the last few decades, we have seen dramatic changes in how our working time is structured. From the traditional

Eggplant | Customer Is King: Improving Web Performance from a User’s Perspective

As interest in eCommerce has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers across the globe are doing their best to capitalize

Data Intensity | Global Cloud Embracement Steps On The Throttle

The pandemic is having an undeniable impact on the cloud services industry. Looking back over 2020 so far and the

Avanade | Five tests that tell you if you’re really a cloud-first company

The cloud wasn't always the first choice. In fact, not too many moons ago it was the new kid on