11 best European cities outside London for IT/Tech

As mentioned in a previous list, though London may be seen as the Mecca of IT/tech roles in the UK, there are plenty of other places in the UK to find good work and be successful without having to deal with high prices of living and commuting.

However if those options don’t appeal to you and you have an urge to travel and a second language, there are also many options within mainland Europe you may want to consider. Here are the 11 best European cities outside London for IT/tech roles.

11) Barcelona
With more than 1200 startups, Barcelona is a buzzing startup hub and one of Europe’s prominent tech hotspots. This city is the fifth hottest startup hub in Europe and a well-planned startup can become well established in Barcelona thanks to the city’s thriving entrepreneurship and access to international sources of investments including venture capital and incubators.1

10) Paris
When it comes to European cities with a proven history of startup, Paris may lag behind London, but that is due to change as the city is maturing into an impressive startup ecosystem, attracting foreign talent and funding. Also, France is working hard to turn itself into a “start-up nation”, forcing through reforms to labour laws which are likely to lure tech companies to the country with Paris a natural resting place.1

9) Copenhagen
Copenhagen is one of the world’s most cycle-friendly cities. Their compact size allows residents shorter commutes, easier access to amenities and a better work/life balance. And in terms of places to work, there are approximately more than 400 tech companies in Denmark in a wide range of technology sectors, from analytics and big data to gaming, cloud, fintech and apps.1

8) Stockholm
Stockholm is one of the leading tech cities in the world with tech brand names like Skype & Spotify based there. Also, Stockholm is home to around 120 health tech firms with some truly exciting health tech developments.1 The winters can be trying, but the standard of living his unrivalled as most people get at least 5 weeks of vacation each year and new parents can receive 480 days of leave to share between them.2

7) Hamburg
Germany’s second-largest city and the sixth-largest city in the EU, Hamburg is becoming more and more renowned for its innovative tech scene and is home to a wide range of exciting startups with Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter also having offices in the city. Hamburg’s startup scene boasts a burgeoning FinTech market, several up-and-coming eCommerce players and is seen as one of Germany’s most dense and active gaming hubs.3

6) Munich
A major economic hub for European business and the largest city in Bavaria, Munich is home to 11% of German startups and the headquarters of some of Germany’s biggest multinational corporations including BMW, Siemens and Allianz. Munich’s tech scene features a diverse array of startups, specialised in a wide range of industries such as the mobility market, IoT, virtual reality, media and finance.3

5) Stuttgart
Not first on many people’s list, Stuttgart is a thriving metropolis and manufacturing hub. Home to the HQs of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche and the world’s oldest television tower, Stuttgart has more importantly created a startup friendly environment with supporting facilities and attractive conditions for entrepreneurs.3

4) Eindhoven
Eindhoven is known as one of Europe’s most energizing and fast-growing tech hotspots. In 2013, Forbes described Eindhoven as “the most inventive city in the world” and in 2017 it was declared by Dispatches as the best city in Europe for experts.2 Eindhoven possesses an ideal combination of top level research facilities, smart people and an entrepreneurial spirit.3

3) Rotterdam
The region of Rotterdam and the Hague is home to numerous leading tech companies, excellent business, research and incubation facilities and an extremely strategic location in the heart of Europe. Many companies in the area specialise in cleantech, aerospace and cybersecurity and the city of The Hague itself has become the largest safety and security cluster in Europe.3

2) Berlin 
From street art to punk music, Berlin has always had a reputation for doing things a little differently. Clearly, the city’s innovative spirit is now lending itself to the world of information technology, too, with the German capital firmly establishing itself as a genuine global player on the tech stage. 

It currently boasts the fastest growing startup ecosystem on the planet as 31% of Germany’s startups are located in the capital, with many predicting it to usurp London post-Brexit. And as well as startups, companies such as Penta, Swiss Bank and Samsung Next Europe have relocated to the city in recent years.4

1) Amsterdam
As well as approximately 600 international IT firms moving to the area, the city of Amsterdam is rapidly developing a global reputation as a data centre mecca. Tech giants such as Google, Cisco and Uber have moved there in recent times, joining homegrown companies such as TomTom, Booking.com and WeTransfer.4

This vibrant global hub benefits from a skilled, English-speaking workforce and scores well across all categories. At the same time, the expansion and cost of co-working spaces are much of value in the Dutch capital.1

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