10 trends to watch for in the next decade

The 1990’s saw the creation of Facebook, the 2000’s saw the rise of the iPhone and the 2010’s saw Artificial Intelligence take major steps forward, with all three of these technologies becoming integral parts of everyday life today. So as we begin a new decade, what will the 2020’s be remembered for from a technological perspective? Here are 10 Trends to Watch for in the Next Decade.

10. More secure IoT
As technology grows and covers more of our lives, the need for it all to be connected grows, as well as the need to protect every aspect of your IoT. Cybersecurity solution providers are already working to ensure this is woven into everything that could be seen as a threat as more and more things join the network.

9. Battery-free IoT
As well as being more secure, IoT devices are expected to rely more on sensors than batteries over the next decade, leading to much longer lifespans and less time between replacement.

8. Reduced number of passwords
With the rise of retinal, touch and passcode technology, the number of passwords people are using for their many accounts is decreasing. And it is expected that this will continue in the next decade as passwords will become obsolete with passcodes being much easier to remember and other technologies growing in efficiency year on year.

7. Beyond 5G
Even though 5G has only just been launched in parts of Asia and some parts of the UK struggle to achieve 3G, let alone 4 or 5, based on the rate that wireless technology has grown, it is likely that 6G and Wi-Fi 7 will become realities in the next 10 years.

6. Brain-machine interfaces
Research and advances are already being made to enable people to interact with machines without moving a muscle, potentially leading to huge advances in areas such as medicine and RPA.

5. Quantum computers
Though they will probably never be seen by the public, quantum computers will have the potential to solve real-world problems in areas such as Molecular Modeling, Cryptography, Financial Modeling, Weather Forecasting & Particle Physics.

4. Bio-computers
With further research, Bio-computers will be able to use systems of biologically derived molecules (such as DNA and proteins) to perform computational calculations involving storing, retrieving, and processing data.

3. Connected aerial vehicles 
While drones are already widely available and popular, you should expect to see their usage, speed and reliability increase for purposes of imagery, sensing, delivery and transport applications.

2. Driverless cars 
It’s been discussed for some time now, but aspects of ‘driverless cars’ are expected to appear more and more in the next decade in the form of speed zone aware cruise control and automated highway driving, while complete remote driving will also become possible and grow in possibility.

1. AR headsets 
We are becoming more and more attached to our phones everyday and a world without these all knowing machines in our pockets seems unthinkable. However, the rise of AR headsets could see them replaced in the next decade, thought in truth, who really knows what the future holds? Either way, we are all interested to find out.

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