10 Technologies to Consider in 2020

New year, new decade, new you. A time for reflection and more importantly, to look to the future. Business can be cut throat at times and organisations need to be on top of what can benefit them long term in order to stay ahead. You may already have certain things in place to improve productivity or efficiency, but for those who are starting for scratch, here are 10 technologies to consider if you haven’t already in 2020.

10. Analytics
Before you can look into doing anything else on this list, need to be doing it for the right reason. It has been said that data is the new oil and before you can start drilling and reaping the benefits, you need a place to store it and know how you are going to use it. Roles such as Data Analysts and Data Scientists are becoming more common to be able to take the raw data, interpret it in a way that is easy to understand and explain and allow the rest of the business to see what direction to move into the next decade.

9. Cyber Security
Also, before you can embark on this new adventure that is the 20’s, you need to make sure your organisation is protected from anything that can pop up unexpectedly. Gone are the days when security just meant putting locks on the doors and windows. A study at the University of Maryland last year revealed that a hacker attack takes place every 39 seconds and that 43% of cyber attacks target small business.1 No matter what stage you are or what your business does, you need to protect yourself.

8. Automation
As far back as the industrial revolution and the rise of assembly line, mankind as looked for ways to speed production and make their lives easler. Data entry, filing and other repetitive tasks would take some members of staff weeks or even months to complete several years ago. Now these tasks can be undertaken in a matter of minutes increasing employee productivity greatly. Introduce whatever automated systems you can and see your workload overnight.

7. 5G
While certain spots in the UK still struggle to hit 3G, South Korea were introducing 5G to the world late in 2018 offer potential speeds of 10Gbps, a massive step up from the max speed of 300Mbps achievable with 4G. Since then areas of China and India have also introduced 5G and in the UK, mobile providers Vodafone, O2, EE and Three have all stated they plan to introduce 5G plans in the year 2020.

6. Blockchain
Blockchain has been on many people’s radar for some time now with the prevalence of Bitcoin and its use in banking. With the data inside a blockchain impervious to modification and completely transparent, it is able to speed up the sharing of information and is therefore becoming popular with large organisations wanting to share information within their organisation and with its partners.

5. Edge Computing
For those who don’t know, Edge computing is the process of bringing the data and power needed for a particular project away from the source and closer to where it is needed. Much like with 5G and Blockchain, the speed at which we can work and reach our goals is becoming more and more important to stay ahead and so if you are able to bring the tools you need closer together, it can only benefit you and your business.

4. IoT
With more tech comes the greater need to be able to connect it all together and have it work together. Pull up at your house, open the electric garage door, adjust the central heating, open the blinds, turn on the kettle, hob and TV all with the use of your mobile phone. Scale that up to a fully equipped office building or site and get the information you need when you want, where you want and how you want.

3. Voice Technology
Siri, Alexa, Google, GoPro. Voice Technology has been around for a while now and is already improving our lives in many ways. And we can only expect this to increase in the next decade. There are still issues with it now as translations are still not 100% perfect between human and machine, but due to its popularity you can guarantee more time and work will be spent to make the technology better and more readily available in the near future. 

2. VR
On the same theme as Voice Technology, Virtual Reality has also seen a rapid increase in interest in recent years. However, as well as the big hitters like Google and Samsung, a number of startup companies are making great strides in this area and in industries like medicine, construction and gaming it is likely its benefits will become more prominent and even necessary in years to come.

1. AI & ML
Certainly one of the biggest talking points of the last few years, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning continues to grow in interest with the possibilities seemingly endless. Medicine, trading, sensors, robotics. It’s undoubtedly true that AI will shape your future in many aspects of our lives and those who can harness its power will see their business skyrocket in 2020 and beyond.

1) https://www.cybintsolutions.com/cyber-security-facts-stats

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